Non-Approved Hotel Policy

As in past years, players who elect to stay at non-approved hotels during their participation at any MSBL/MABL national tournament must pay a fee to the League. For 2007, the fee per player is $15.  

MSBL thinks there are great hotel and condo choices on the approved list for just about every budget and taste. However, if you are convinced that a NON-approved hotel is the right property for you and/or your team, and you want to stay at that hotel, please let us know about it before making your room reservations.

If MSBL Travel can book your non-approved hotel rooms, we'll notify the League office, and the $15 per player fee will be waived.

Contact us by email or phone, and please include the following information:

1) the name of the non-approved hotel
2) the number of rooms you need
3) your check-in and check-out dates
4) your name and the name of your team

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